Here’s When You Should Upgrade Your Website

informationWhen you’re running a business, sometimes things can slip through the cracks. Certain aspects of your business routine can make you forget about things that can be essential to the performance of your company, like your website. Keeping your website up to date may seem like a daunting task, but with the right information, you can find the perfect way to keep your IT practice in the here and now, and join the 85% of businesses who hope to improve their IT practice as well.

You should upgrade your website if:

There’s no way to keep current content – Approximately 82.6% of internet users take advantage of search engines, so if your content isn’t recent and relevant, your business is going to get lost in the background. If your website doesn’t have a blog, or some other way to keep information up-to-date, look into what web host options will offer you this service, and what kind of software it will take to keep it running smoothly.

There’s no link to your social media – Or, even worse, you don’t have a social media presence at all. Social media give your business the mobility it needs to spread information across the most popular mediums possible. If your business doesn’t have access to these mediums, look into creating a Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr for your company, and keep it regularly updated with the info you’ll need to keep your business current.

Your design is out of date – An ancient-looking website can make your business appear out-of-touch, especially when 75% of internet users will admit that they judge a company by how their website looks. Creative web design is an easy asset to bring to your company, since there are so many services available to help bring your business technology to the design forefront. Keep it current!