Small-Business Technology Strategies That Will Work in 2015

softwareWhat does a complete technology strategy look like for a small business? It’s best to think in three circles: internal IT, a company website, and web outreach efforts. Of course, you’ll need to tailor choices at each level to your particular field and business. But here’s a rough idea of what needs to go into each one:

Internal IT
Internal IT can be further broken down into hardware and software. It’s worth noting that on the hardware side, cloud computing has greatly reduced the amount of equipment businesses need to have on site. Software will, of course, be highly specialized based on whatever it is that your company does. But you may want to think about custom software development services; although people tend to assume custom software will cost a fortune, it’s often quite affordable. And when you consider that good software can boost productivity and efficiency within your organization, it’s a good investment to make.

On Your Website
In this Internet age, your company’s website is the primary means by which your prospective customer base will judge you. In fact, about 75% of web users in the U.S. say they’ve judged a company’s credibility based on its website design. That means you need to ensure your website is as clean, organized, up-to-date, and appealing as you would want a storefront location to be.

Reaching Out
Small businesses in particular often mistake having a website for doing web marketing, but those are actually two separate steps. While a few people might accidentally stumble onto your website without you making any effort to draw them in (just as a brick-and-mortar location might have a few walk-ins), websites need to actually be promoted. Search engine optimization is one powerful option. It’s been estimated that 82.6% of Internet users utilize search engines, resulting in more than 100 billion search queries being processed each and every month. Capturing even a minuscule portion of that traffic can make a huge difference for any small business. And, of course, SEO can be supplemented by more traditional outreach and marketing efforts.

Conclusion: Getting What You Need
So how should you go about setting up hardware, software, web design, SEO, and other outreach? It probably sounds a little overwhelming. These are all parts of a successful technology strategy, and you shouldn’t leave anything out, but you should know that you don’t need to take on each project individually. Managed IT services and digital marketing efforts can all be outsourced to a single agency. That way, you can focus on doing whatever it is that your company does best.

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