3 Easy Ways to Improve SEO for Small Businesses

seo for small businessesSearch engine optimization (SEO) is one of the fastest growing industries today. Most people think of pop-up ads and annoying video clips when they think digital marketing association. That’s hardly the extent of it. In a society becoming more and more online-driven, SEO for small businesses is becoming crucial for growth. Having great quality products and services is necessary for retention, but you need a good rank on Google in order to attract new customers in the first place. Here are three basic steps to improving SEO for small businesses regardless of the industry:

1.) Content: Original content creation is one of the best ways to improve SEO for small businesses. It’s something that can be done by just one person if necessary and for a relatively cheap price. In fact, it’s estimated you can increase revenue by 40% with quality content marketing, according to MarketSherpa research. Blogging alone increases the pages a company has indexed by an average of 434%! Essentially the more you have indexed, the more relevant and authoritative your site will appear to search engines.

2.) Professional Help: Blogging is something you can do yourself, or you can hire a writer to do for you. The other area you’ll want to invest in professional help is in web design and hosting. The majority of people will judge your entire business off the appearance from your website. It’s estimated that this number is about 75% of internet users. Many businesses have already taken note as IT professional services have exploded in recent years. The industry has made $363 billion in revenue in the United States alone.

3.) Social Media: While it’s not a big a portion of SEO as many people originally believed, social media still plays a role. One of the best ways to utilize social media to improve your SEO is by promoting the original content you create. It’s also the perfect space to react and interact with local communities. Whether it be in regards to something in your businesses industry, local issues, or volunteer programs building a strong following that will link back-and-forth to your outlets will help legitimize your business.

Whether you hire an entire digital marketing staff, or outsource the work to companies that will do most of it for you, the benefits are clearly there. Especially for small businesses competing with the big brand names it can be difficult to get noticed. Improve your chances by improving your rank and watch the dollar signs follow.