You get to manage your business because we are managing your IT

At HVS, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality IT managed support. We invest in the most advanced IT toolsets and the most skilled support specialists to make sure that your IT systems are always up and running and your issues are resolved quickly and accurately. We also deliver customized Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to meet your specific needs, monitor your IT systems to identify recurring problems and constantly measure your system availability and customer satisfaction IT Management Services NY

Our exceptional but yet affordable IT management services provide your business with a variety of technical and operational solution needs, all for a fixed monthly fee. This feature will allow us to provide a predictable and cost-effective IT environment for your business.

We provide our clients with superior and reliable IT support featuring a 24×7 Remote Help Desk support for increased business productivity, IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management to provide security and backup support, Hardware Repair and Installations and much more.


24×7 Help Desk Support 

We operate a 24×7 Remote Help Desk Support System which provides remote and on-site Help Desk Services, to ensure that your PC, network and server issues are resolved quickly and accurately. With one phone call, email or chat, you will receive personal support from a skilled support specialist to make sure that all of your IT issues and concerns are addressed! We offer a variety of flexible support hours in order to cater to your business needs, to include business day time support, after hours support, and even night shift support.


IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management 

At HVS, we strive to provide consistent timely responses and try to exceed your expectations as we support your existing IT infrastructure components or completely rebuild and upgrade your IT infrastructure. Our approach is to utilize the best practices and methodologies to provide you with the highest level of performance and reliability. IT Management Services NY

In order to support an effective IT infrastructure, a key service that our company provides is asset management, through tracking and managing your hardware and software inventory to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date. This information will then be used to help your organization make effective and accurate decisions regarding IT asset purchases, such as computers, network devices, licenses, etc… Our team will also assist in the procurement process as well as providing assessment and recommendations for any type of an upgrade. Adopting an IT asset management program will help your organization better manage their cash flow by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases, which in turn will save time and money.

Furthermore, our dedicated team will help you assess, monitor and proactively manage your IT infrastructure with security administration, patch management, server and event log monitoring. We also offer a wide variety of backup services and disaster recovery options tailored to fit your business needs and to help you avoid the outrageous costs of downtime and get your business back up and operational as quickly as possible.

To learn more, please visit the following page Disaster Recovery and Backup Services.


Hardware Repair and Installation  

Your computer is an important business tool for you, best leave it to the experts to repair, install and upgrade your system! At HVS, we offer quick, reliable and affordable plans to repair and install any hardware on desktops, laptops and servers alike. Have a question as to whether or not your computer is upgradable? Feel free to call and ask. Our remote and on-site services cover all your computing needs, end to end, Call us today!!